Monday, May 31, 2010

Campaign Journal: Retainer Dogs Session 3

The Roster (Player Name - Character Status - Character Name (Race/Class/Level)
Joe - Primary: Osamu (Human Cleric 1) INJURED SESSION 3
Joe - Back-up: Gerrie (Halfling Fighter 1)

Bryan - Primary: Hargreaves (Halfling Fighter 1)
Bryan - Back-up: Edwin (Human Magic-user 1)

Roy - Primary: Malic (Elf F/M 1)
Roy - Back-up: Milhous (Human Thief 1)

Christina - DEAD: Brigid (Halfling Thief 1) DEAD SESSION 3
Christina - Primary: Aethyl (human Magic-user 1)

Notes From Session 3
Osamu is injured

Brigid is dead

Primary and Alternates are in Pendleton, Session 3 End Time/Session 4 Start Time: DAY 6 (5 AM).

Olef is guarding the Fortunate Fools Base Camp

Christina needs a Back-Up Character.

Items Sold in Pendelton:
2 axes from the dwarves SOLD S3
3 spears and 2 swords from the bandits SOLD S3
2 swords, 2 daggers, 2 shields from dead men at Farmer Jon’s House.
SOLD S3 TOTAL: 40.5 gps/xp.

TOTAL EXPERIENCE FOR SESSION 3: Primary = 457 XP EACH; Back Ups = 81 XP Each.

Sword and 2 daggers (one of the daggers has a hollow pommel and contains a map) from Tybrin
(3) crates each holding (4) Halfling crafted pottery jars, finely decorated.
(4) barrels of good quality ale.


Day 5 (2 AM): Session Start time

Brigid and Osamu left Olef at the camp. They spied the flames and smoke in the distance from Malic and Hargreave burning down Farmer Jon’s House. On the way there, they ran into the skeletons that Osamu had Turned earlier in the evening. A battle was fought, Osamu was gravely injured and Brigid fell dead from the blow of a skeleton’s club. Osamu Turned them once more, then not thinking it wise to continue on the journey alone, and being closer to camp then Farmer Jon’s House, he carried Brigid’s body back to the Fortunate Fool’s Camp.

Meanwhile, back at Farmer Jon’s burning house, Malic and Hargreave encountered Jon Jr. as a leper zombie, again , from the evening’s earlier encounter. They quickly dispatched it with a lucky sword swing from Hargreave. When it became obvious that no one from camp was going to show, Malic and Hargreave traveled back to camp to find that Osamu and Olef had built a perimeter of torches to ward off surprise encounters. They came upon Osamu preparing Brigid for the journey to the Underdark. They arrived back in camp around 5 AM. The party chose to sleep and set up a watch schedule, split between Olef on first watch and Malic on second.

Late in the morning, the PC’s spied riders upon the road. Malic stopped them to talk, but they made it obvious they did not wish to speak. A debate of either going to Zebulon’s Dungeons to find the Fortunate Fools or going to Pendelton was settled. The group decided to head to Pendelton. Around 11 AM, Aethyl arrived from Pendelton with a message from Zebulon for her and Malic that he wished for his apprentices to work for the Fortunate Fools and for neither of them to stay in Pendleton.

A four hour journey by horse back to Pendelton put the characters in the town around 3 PM. Osamu went to the Wise Woman’s house and had his wounds tended to. Mayor Tomm was run into. He told them that one rider like they described had entered town, but not two. Malic once again tried to engage a rider in conversation, again he was rudely told to bugger off. The rider rode out of town heading south.

The group decided to spend the night in Penelton. While selling the weapons they had collected from killing bandits and raiding dwarf bodies, Malic discovered a map hidden inside the pommel of one of Tybrin’s daggers. He set out on his own with one of the horses to follow the map. He set out around 6 PM.

Needing to cross the river, Malic left his horse and forded the river on a skiff. On the other side, he spied a Kobold hiding under an overhang near the river. He avoided him and continued on his way. He passed up a seemingly abandoned farm house as well.

Coming upon a cave, Malic saw two kobolds on a wagon dump a load of goods (presumed to be stolen bandit goods). He hid as the Kobolds passed him by. After their departure, he witnessed four carnivorous apes come out of the cave and start angrily destroying the goods dumped in front of their cave. Malic took a shot an one of the Apes. In a bizarre turn of events, including lots of lucky die rolls and a amorous she ape, he manages to kill three of the four Apes. He then decides it best to head back to Pendelton.

Not encumbered by a wagon, and taking a different route (the route shown on his map); Malic managed to get to the Bandit Hideout before the two kobolds returned with the wagon. He killed the two kobolds and discovered a young girl hiding in the hay loft and her bound, trussed and barely able to move mother inside the house. Discovering from the girl, Heidi, that the bandits were dragging bodies into the root cellar. He investigates. He finds a cellar full of half rotten vegetables, a sack full of something and a door that does not look like it belongs. Casting his Read Magic (NOTE, DM mistake here, he did not have that spell memorized for the day). He reads the runes around the door, “Know that he who enters here, enters the Dark Ways”. He leaves the root cellar. In the barn, he finds the remainder of the bandits stolen goods and gets to work loading them into the wagon.

One hour into this, the two kobolds return from the Apes Cave with their empty wagon. Malic kills them both, then, wagon loaded up, journeyed south to a bridge he’d seen in earlier travels. Collecting his horse from earlier, he heads back to Pendleton. He has Heidi and her mother traveling with him.

Day 6 (5 AM): Session End time
Malic rides into town with the wagon, three horses, cargo, Heidi and her mother, Gia.

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