Monday, August 9, 2010

My Campaign World has a Name!

I've struggled with a world name for my campaign since the beginning. The campaign name started as Retainer Dogs (a play on the movie "Reservoir Dogs") as at the beginning the characters were retainers. This didn't last long. They are no longer retainers. From there, the name became "The Darkling Ways", and that is sticking; however, my world needed a name.

I'm not sure why this was bugging me so much, as of yet, I've only named a few major cities, and I haven't even named all of the political powers, but I felt it was important that I choose a world name. After much pondering, I've settled on Ird.

It sounds like Urd (which is where I shamelessly stole it from). One meaning of urd, as a noun, is from Scandinavian mythology. Urd is one of three goddesses, she is the goddess of fate.

Fate is fitting for my world, so I've settled on Ird (pronounced Urd), and in the old tongue, it means Fate.

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