Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Ignored Blog

Work has been hellishly busy for me the past few months, hence my silence on this blog. On a sadder note, I've finally admitted to myself that my work schedule just does not jive with being able to participate in a face-to-face group. I really dig the people in my group and hope to do the occasional board game with them; however, running or even taking part in a regular game just is not in the cards for me. I'm hoping for a career change in three years, but that is a ways away.

I am currently trying to put together an online game. I play in a Tunnels and Trolls play-by-post and enjoy it, but it is slow and I don't mean that as a criticism of the game, it is just the nature of play-by-post.

I'm not sure if I will run a play-by-post or not. I can't guarantee any regular posting. I would much rather try running something using Skype and/or Fantasy Grounds II. Until I get something going, my gaming is done for now. I will continue posting. I actually have some changes for this blog that I am anxious to get under way. More to come on that, hopefully soon.


  1. Hope you get a chance to read this. This might be a solution to your problem or at least point you in the right direction:

    And if you've never read it it is a legit blog.

    Hope that helps and check in on my aggregator at for others doing something like this. I cover 300+ blogs with fresh news on every page reload :)

    Lots of people seem to be starting up with the Google+ thing to game online.

    Best of Luck and remember there is always a solo game just around the corner in a pinch. I like this a lot and it's free:

    and extra stuff is free or a buck: (there whole listing)

    And no I'm not an affiliate...but I should get paid! :)

    Hope things get better for you soon. I've had a helluva year myself (god just let it SNOW)

  2. @Grognard, thanks for the tip. I never had read that post, but I am a semi-regular reader of dnd with porn stars. Thanks for reading.

    @Jimmy, I'm trying Brother, I'm trying.