Thursday, November 3, 2011

Confession of a Closet Gamer

I am a closet gamer. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I am. My professional career would consist of me being teased and tormented, if I were to admit openly that I like to get together with friends, make up some non-existent personae, roll-some dice, eat some snacks and have a few brews.

It's odd and sad when it is put into perspective. After all, I also like to get together with friends and watch football or hockey. In both cases, snacks and beer are involved. It is the non-existent personae and dice rolling that hangs people up.

I'm just curious, are there other closet gamers out there, like myself, that must keep one of their cherished past times a secret to avoid ridicule?


  1. I haven't really come out as an rpg'er to my co-workers, thought I accidentally emailed one from my blog's domain. I think they might all now know and won't take up the subject with me. Or else they just don't care. That'd be fine too. ;)

  2. I know for a fact that non of my co-workers know, and I'm glad they do not, as it would cause me an unbearable amount of hounding.