Monday, March 19, 2012

Bygone Golden Days of Gaming

I miss running a regular game. I've enjoyed the board gaming I've done lately, and if I never am able to run a regular game again, I would be okay as long as I could at least occasionally play a good geeky fun board game such as Arkham Horror, any of the Catan games, the occasional game of Zombies! and have the ability to try out new games every now and then.

However, I will always have the longing to run a good, long roleplaying game.

The problem is, whenever I start one and get into it, and when I am into it, I am REALLY into it (I have taken sick time from work before, just because I had a good idea I wanted to prepare for that night's game). The problem is my career is demanding, and by demanding I mean I travel lots.

I have looked into other options, Google+, Fantasy Grounds, Skype and such, and those are options, but the problem is I travel in Alaska, and take it from me, the Internet coverage in AK is spotty at best.

The same thing always happens, I get a good game going and going strong for a month, maybe two, playing once a week. Then, I have to travel. First, my group and I will miss one session, which becomes three, then a month, then several months. Whenever I try going back to that game that was so strong when I left it, it just isn't on fire in my head anymore. I think the same is true for my players.

There is no point or moral to this post, and I've made other posts like it before. Sometimes, I just need to vent. I miss my golden days of gaming.

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