Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Campaign Journal: Session 6

I’ve passed this chore onto my players, but with the holiday, hey life gets in the way. We played session 7 tonight, so I wanted to post a quick recap of session 6 so there are no “gaps”.

During session 6, the action picked up immediately where the characters left off in session 5. During this session, they searched the dungeon which they discovered was the lair of a chaotic cleric/necromancer who was in possession of an item called The Bone Crown. This item apparently allowed him to animate and control undead.

At the beginning of the session, they met three NPCs. There was Artamedious, a mysterious mage that seemed too unbothered by the existence of undead. It was from he that they learned of the Bone Crown. He claimed he was seeking it so he could take it to Mebulon to be destroyed by his master. With him was a barbarian from the west named Thangar, who spoke broken common and apparently has a vow against bathing. Artamedious had hired Thangar to protect him. Rounding out the three was a mousy looking female cleric named Glaina a Dreamer of Istar. Istar is an immortal who rules the realm of dreams. The three had met in Elmshire where they had witnessed an attack of undead like the characters had dealt with in session 2 near Pendleton.

Glaina confided in them that she did not trust Artamedious and was only with him for strength in numbers.

They made a turn in the dungeon early which led to an early stand off with the chaotic cleric, whose name they learned was Zarrin. It was a long battle that ended in victory for the party, but cost the life of Glaina Dreamer of Istar.

Their next step was to explore the rest of the dungeon. With Zarrin dead and de-crowned, the undead de-animated (Artamedious took possession of the crown and placed it in his back pack). The only other opposition they encountered was an insane human torturer that they felled easily. Their last encounter was with a medusa that tried to trick them into gazing at her. Apparently, she had been captured by Zarrin.

At the end of a corridor, they found a door that was identical to the mysterious door they found in the bandit’s root cellar. This one, however, was not locked. They passed through it and discovered that it was a gateway that led to the root cellar of the bandit’s hideout.

The session ended with them making camp for the night, and deciding that Artamedious must not live through the night and keep possession of the Bone Crown.

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