Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Creation Notes and Musings 7

On the Birth of the City-States and the Rise of the First Immortals

Leaders from amongst the Magic-users and Clerics and legendary Fighters of the Dragon Age Wars conferred and decided to build and lead seven great City-States that would live and rule in harmony. Four of these were: Mebulon (ruled by the legendary Fighter Mebulos), Acteron (ruled by the Cleric Acter, Voice of the Creators), Karmaron (ruled by the warrior Karmar), Thurdis (ruled by Sharasha, the First Wizard). Together, the leaders of each City-State would raise one amongst them as emperor. It was a plan destined to fail from the start.

Many things occurred at the onset of the Rule of Man. The Seven Great Heroes of the Dragon Age Wars discovered the Paths of Immortality and wrote their names in the Book of Immortals, becoming “god-like”, and demanded worship, and received it from many who were used to worshipping Dragons and had little difficulty with the transition. An internal struggle between Clerics who followed the Three Paths of Alignment and those that worshipped the Immortals began. From the beginning the freshly minted human magic-users and clerics (of both the Paths of Alignment and the Paths of the Immortals points of view) did not see eye to eye. Seven great City-States were built.

Each City-State, led by an Immortal set to war upon each other.

Now only four remain, for although they tried to peacefully unite in empire, such was not to be the case. The Rule of Man began with a dream of utopia and quickly degenerated into further bloodshed as the City-States fought each other and the Wild Elf Confederacy (who also went to war with the dwarves during this time--the dwarf clans united to fight the WEC, the only time in recorded history they have done so). At the end of the Rule of Man, only the City-States of Acteron and Mebulon remained. The rest were razed by battles of iron and high magic.

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