Monday, June 21, 2010

Campaign Journal: Retainer Dogs Session 5 - The Roster

The Primaries
Hargreaves the Warrior - A Halfling warrior who grew up the son of a Pie Baker in the City-State of Mebulon. He recently left the Half-man ghettos of that city and now seeks his fortune.

Malic the Veteran Prestidigitator - a sometimes foolishly brave elf that is perhaps a touch megalomaniac. He is curious to the edge of recklessness.

Nancy the Footpad - The most recent addition to the group. Nancy is a human that recently left the City-State of Acteron in a hurry. Something about a case of resource re-allocation that went poorly. She's heard of a Hedge Mage that has a laboratory stocked full of potions. Supposedly, it isn't guarded all that well.

Osamu the Adept - A traveling Inquisitor-Knight of the Immortal Solomon. Osamu wishes to travel and face the foes of Solomon.

The Secondaries
Edwin Sparklestick- An infectiously jolly mage in slightly stained robes who was apprenticed to a gnome mage..

Gerrie the Veteran - A halfling warrior that traveled with Brigid (deceased) from Elmshire. They left the shire seeking a platinum flute that belongs to their clan.

Killshalt the Footpad - An elven adventurer who seems overconfident with a bow. Recently, he had a near death experience and is glad to be alive.

Tambi the Veteran - Tambi journeyed to Pendelton hoping to hire on with the Fortunate Fools, but arrived too late. She took a job, replacing the doomed mage Aethyl, guarding Tybrin The Vicious who was imprisoned in Pendelton.

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