Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Creation Notes and Musings 5

On the Political Powers:

The human powers that be rest in the City-States of Acteron and Mebulon. The Darkling Forest does not belong to either city; however, both use the Tiogan River as a handy trade route, so patrols from both cities in the area are rare, but do occur. Acteron and Mebulon are allies against the Orc Tribes and when need be against the Wild Elf Confederacy, but are two distinct political entities. The dwarfs just want to be left alone, but will team up with either elf or human to crush orc and “underdark” skulls when needed. The only thing that keeps the City-States from going to war with the Wild Elf Confederacy, is twin immediate threats of the Orc Tribes of the Imperial Rider to the West, and the denizens of the Darkling Ways, not to mention the Ice Berserkers. Thank the Immortals that the Wyrm Lords of the Far North and the Vampyre Clans of the Desert Sands have not stirred in ages.

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