Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Creation Notes and Musings

I've been making up the details of my campaign world as we play, most of it on the fly. I have also been taking notes, mostly consisting of chicken scratch, for the purpose of reminding myself. It is time I started expanding upon them. I consider these to be draft form, and may edit them habitually.

On the Immediate Area:

The general area is in, or near the Darkling Forest. The climate is temperate, very much similar to the north east American coast. Wooded areas consist of oak, maple, willow and spruce. Large game are deer, caribou and a few moose. There is an abundance of small game (rabbit, pheasant, you name it). There are several fresh water streams that are tributaries of the Tiogan River, running from the far off City-State of Mebulon to the North and heading south to the City-State of Acteron. Fish consisting of trout, perch and pike are plentiful. Agriculture is the main stay of the “common” folk. There are villages spotted throughout, most are little more then hamlets and barely qualify to that name sake. Much of the Darkling Forest is unexplored and is the province of the elves, who begrudgingly allow the other races to explore her, as long as they don’t cause too much trouble. This is not out of being friendly neighbors, it is born of reality: the humans and halflings outnumber the elves 10 to 1. There are only two major population centers in the immediate adventuring area: Elmshire (population ~120, 75% Halfling, 25% human) and Pendleton (population ~200, 90% human, 10% Halfling). As stated previously, there are several hamlets spotted throughout, but most of these are multi-family farms, of no recorded name and a proper census has not been taken. These are the frontiersmen.

Most of the immediate action at campaign start takes place in The Tiogan Valley between two mountain ranges. The mountains are climbable, snow lasts in the upper reaches only until early spring. There are two mountains that are tall enough for year around snow capped peaks. These are the realm of dwarves. There are rumors of gryphon and even dragons in the upper peaks.

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