Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Creation Notes and Musings 4

On Racial Bigotry:

The City-State of Acteron at one time enslaved kobolds, thinking they would be a great source of cheap labor, as they are easily captured. That was a mistake as they breed like rabbits. There are now kobold slums in both City-States. Every time the humans think they have come up with a final solution to the kobold population problem, they are wrong. It is not uncommon to stumble across kobold communities just about anywhere they can find a dark, preferably cold and damp, spot to hide in. The authorities recommend that such communities be eradicated, for it is only a matter of time before such “small” communities overpopulate and literally eat and destroy everything like a plague of locusts. Kobolds are a bane upon mankind and elves. Elfs HATE kobolds and eradicate them with great pleasure.

Some say that Halflings are little better then kobolds. Luckily, they breed far slower. Many think this is a racist point of view against Halflings (although most of this opinion do not share it towards kobolds -- kobolds are just smelly brutes); however, there are radical groups who see little difference between the species and treat both the same. This view is predominant amongst elves, who believe kobolds, halflings and humans are all three seen as pests to be destroyed; ironically, there are radical humans that think kobolds AND halflings are worthless, and halflings that feel kobolds AND humans are worthless. If there is one thing that many humans and halflings can agree upon, it is the thought that elves are snooty bigots. Again, kobolds are just screwed. They know it, and most try to run and hide whenever an elf, human or halfling is about. There are rumors of a kobold uprising occurring near the City-State of Acteron. Rumor has it, there is a kobold hero who is training his troops for action. Other rumors state that they are being trained and supplied by a sympathetic group of humans and halflings.

Dwarfs are at once the least and most bigoted of the races. They HATE orcs, they HATE the Underdarklings. They do not hate kobolds, but do recognize that they must be exterminated. This is out of a simple “us” or “them” attitude as the kobolds reputation for gobbling up and/or spoiling all resources is not unfounded. They tolerate humans and halflings. They have a begrudging respect for elves. This respect is mutual, and both races try not to offend the other. They did step on each others toes, a long time ago. It was not pretty for either side of the conflict. A truce was called, and they have both respected it.

The dwarves refer to the elves as “Tree Brothers” and the elves refer to dwarves as “Rock Brothers”. The truce between them states that if a Rock Brother or Tree Brother ever spills the other’s blood, then the truce is broken and war will resume.

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