Sunday, December 26, 2010

Barsoom in Trade Reprint Comics

A bit of research answered my own question as to the availability of adaption of Barsoom to comics. Dynamic has the licence to produce new Barsoomian adventures in their comics, but Dark Horse Comics has been and will be producing the reprints of classic versions of John Carter from Dell, DC and Marvel Comics.

The first is all ready available, Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars: The Jesse Marsh Years. This volume reprints the original three issue run of John Carter of Mars published by Dell Comics 1952 to 1953. The series was later reprinted by Gold Key Comics in 1964; however, they were reprinted out of order. Jesse Marsh penciled this series while it was written by Paul S. Newman. Marsh was known amongst Burroughs' fans as the "go to artist" for Tarzan. He penciled Tarzan comics for nineteen years. Newman was one of the most prolific comic book writers of his age. Although it is in dispute, he may have been one of the creators of the character Turok. This book is available in hardcover and retails for $29.99. It can be purchased here, but as always, I encourage you to purchase from your local non-corporate bookstore first. I myself do not own this volume, nor have I ever read it in any format, but continuing my obsession with all things Barsoom, I will be purchasing myself a belated Christmas present soon.

Not yet available, but of greater interest to me, is Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds. This volume, also from Dark Horse Comics, is not yet available, but DHC has listed the publication date as January 12, 2010. Originally published by DC Comics, the tales reprinted in this volume first appeared as back up features in Tarzan #'s 207-209 and later in Weird Tales #'s 1-7, in the late 70's. This is, to my best understanding, an adaption of A Princess of Mars to comics form. I look forward to this as I am a big fan of science fiction and fantasy comics published in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. A further selling point from me, as posted on DHC's site: Featuring the work of comics legends Marv Wolfman, Murphy Anderson, Gray Morrow, Sal Amendola, Joe Orlando, and Howard Chaykin! (I dig Marv Wolfman and Howard Chaykin). It is priced at $14.99.

Lastly, but of greatest interest to me is this volume also from DHC. This is to be a collection of Marvel Comics entire 28 issue run, plus all three annuals of Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane's 1977 John Carter, Warlord of Mars. I have in my collection, I believe three or four issues of this title. I wish I could say for sure, but they are stored away at my parents' house in far off PA (I live in AK). I don't remember them, but again: MARV WOLFMAN! Plus: CHRIS CLAREMONT AND FRANK "FRIFFEN" MILLER! (I'm dying to see Miller pencils of Burroughs' creation). Also, I like the premises. The series takes place, mostly, between paragraphs 3 and 4, chapter 27 of A Princess of Mars. If memory serves correctly, this would be a period of eight or nine years from the point in time that Carter marries Dejah Thoris and later saves Barsoom from certain doom as the air machines stop working. Priced at $29.99, I look forward to the promised March 2, 2011 publication date.

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