Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Phoenix Barony: Sessions 1 & 2

With the death of our Darkling Ways campaign, we launched into David Bezio's The Phoenix Barony utilizing Tunnels & Trolls (5th ed.) as our rule system.

Three elves in search of something, were traveling east from the North West. Their temporary destination was a nearby inn. Along their route, they fought a not-too smart, but hungry troll, but dealt with him easily.

Staying the night at a travelers' inn, they caught the attention of a suspicious looking gent. The gent approached them and told them of a father and daughter, the father having a fat purse. He told them that retrieving said purse from the father, who had left earlier in the day heading east, and giving him a "piece" of whatever was in there, would put them in his good graces. He inferred that he was in a good position to send more prizes their way.

The three elves set off in pursuit of the father and daughter. All they knew of them was that the pair dressed and presented themselves as if they were from far off Ind across the sea. The road taken by the pair was obvious; however, two hours past night fall, they noticed a camp fire not a great distance from the road to the north. They investigated.

A path in the woods was found that led to an obviously often used camp site. The camp site was in use at the time by four goblins roasting a human leg over a fire. The element of surprise being in their favor, the three elves cast two volleys of arrows and a Take That You Fiend spell. One of the goblins was able to skewer one of the three intrepid elves with his spear, not killing him, but bringing him dangerously close to death.

After dealing with the goblins, the owner of the leg over the spit was discovered. He was a traveler from Ind who spoke broken common at best. He begged them with his dying wish to rescue his daughter.

Another path was discovered that led further north. Determining that their injured brother elf was too gravely injured to continue, they helped camouflage him near the camp site and the two others continued onward.

The goblin lair was found. With the wise use of some Panic! spells, entrance was gained. Six more goblin guards were dealt with. Things went well until a goblin shaman was encountered. With a Take That You Fiend spell of his own, one of the two elves (a female rogue) was killed. The last elf standing made a narrow escape from the complex with grievous wounds of his own.

He waisted no time leaving but did manage to collect his wounded comrade at the campsite. The two set out for the village of Humble, in need of healing and some more muscle.

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