Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dejah Thoris

Tonight is a sleepless night for me. What pray tell is keeping me awake? I can't get over how awful Traci Lord's portrayal of Dejah Thoris was from the 2009 movie adaption of Princess of Mars.

This fit of turning over constantly in bed eventually led to my self exile from bed (prompted by several hems and haws from my lovely wife). I searched for images of Dejah Thoris.

Wow, there are some titillating images of Dejah available on the web. Many are lovely, and I can't post them all. My Dejah must be sexy, but not helpless. I think this is why I chose this classic cover from the Marvel adaption of Burroughs work.

It works for me, because A) Dejah is sexy on this cover and B) even though she is in chains, her face radiates confidence and defiance. Now that's the Dejah that keeps me awake at night. ;-)

I've never read these. I wish that I had, and now that I seem to be on a kick of all things Burrough, I may have to haunt ebay in search of these; although I am hoping for a collected volume somewhere. I'm not sure that there is one. Published in 1977, written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by Gil Kane. Being that I am a comics guy, that doesn't sound like too bad of a combination to me. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that has read these.

Dynamite Entertainment has begun a 12 issue series. From what I've read, issues 1-3 are a prequel to Princess of Mars, issues 4-9 are an adaption and 10-12 will be a new story. I'm not sure how many issues Dynamite are into it, I believe two, three at most. It may be worth my time hunting down the back issues and adding this title to my pull box.

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