Sunday, January 30, 2011

Appendix N Birthdays: February

These are the people that started it all. Without their imaginations, this hobby that we all love may never have been. When applicable, the date of their death is provided. Each month also features "Honourable Mentions". This section is composed of people not listed on Appendix N, but geeky cool, and/or inspiring in some nerdage fashion. It is also of course completely subjective and based upon my own opinion. Please notify me if I've missed anyone from Appendix N, made any errors, or if you feel someone should be added to the Honourable Mentions column and please tell me why they should be added.

I've added a new category this month: "Hot Geek Crush of the Month". Necessary you ask? No, but it is another excuse for me to post pictures of lovely women.

Appendix N:
February 17: Andre Norton (1912/D. March 17, 2005)
February 17: Margaret St. Clair (1911/D. November 22, 1995)
February 24 :August Derleth (1909/D. July 4, 1971)

Honourable Mentions:
February 4: George A. Romero (1940, Master of Zombie flicks)
February 5: H.R. Giger (1940, famous painter)
February 5: William S. Burroughs (1914/D. August 2, 1997; Naked Lunch)
February 8: Jules Verne (1828/D. March 24, 1905; A Journey to the Center of the Earth)
February 10: Lon Chaney Jr. (1906/D. July 12, 1973; star of The Wolfman amongst others)
February 11: Leslie Nielson (1926/D. November 28, 2010; Forbidden Planet)
February 16: LeVar Burton (1957; Star Trek: The Next Generation)
February 25: Sean Astin (1971; played Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings)

Hot Geek Crush of the Month:
February 21: Jennifer Love Hewitt (1979).

Okay, being the star of Ghost Whisperer just nominally qualifies her, but damn have I ever got a geek crush on her!

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