Saturday, January 8, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

This shall be a short post, as I just finished stuffing myself with sushi, Saki and beer while watching the Wild Card games. I'm currently out of town on business, and sad to report that I won't be home in time to game this coming Tuesday.

During my off time whilst hanging out in my hotel room, I've been re-reading lots of WFRP material (1st and 2nd edition) that I plan on using in my upcoming game.

As I mentioned before, my short-lived Tunnels & Trolls campaign came to a sudden end with a TPK. I intend to keep my campaigns short lived for the foreseeable future. Not because that is necessarily what I want, but because I do travel often, and sometimes for extended periods of time. This makes an ongoing campaign difficult to maintain. However, I did not intend my T&T campaign to be as short as it was. That happened because I am a big believer in letting the dice fall where they may.

We will be playing WFRP, and for anyone that is familiar with the game, the quintessential campaign, and my personal favorite, is the Enemy Within campaign. EW consists of five main parts: Shadows over Bogenhafen, Death on the Reik, The Power Behind the Throne, Somethings Rotten in Kislev and Empire in Flames. I have been a player in the campaign once, making it all the way through Power Behind the Throne and this will be my fourth go at running it. As the GM, I've never made it past Death on the Reik.

The reason has nothing to do with the enjoyability of the campaign. I personally have read all five volumes, and while I do not care for SRiK or EiF, the fist three volumes I enjoy immensely. Usually, I and my group get so wrapped up in the complete sandbox immersion of Death on the Reik that we never make it to PBtT before life ends the campaign.

So why am I starting a campaign that I know I have a bad track record with? In Sigmar's name, it is one hell of a ride! I love WFRP 1st and 2nd edition. I like the career path system, I like the fact that combat is lethal and unforgiving, I like the insanity rules, I like The Old World with all of its secret cults and twisted politics.

I have found other game worlds in the past that I enjoy. The first that I really got into was TSR's Birthright campaign setting, more recently, I thouroughly enjoyed The Phoenix Barony, but neither of them comes close to how much I really like the Old World.

I must ask myself the question: Self, can you stick it out this time? The answer can only be: I hope so. Happy Gaming.

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