Monday, January 10, 2011

Appendix N Birthdays: January

I'm starting a new monthly tradition. Each month, I'll post the birthdays of authors from Appendix N. Why? These are the people that started it all. Without their imaginations, this hobby that we all love may never have been. When applicable, the date of their death is provided. Each month, and months that have no one born from Appendix N, features a larger column of "Honorable Mentions". This section is composed of people not listed on Appendix N, but geeky cool, and/or inspiring in some nerdage fashion. It is also of course completely subjective and based upon my own opinion. Please notify me if I've missed anyone from Appendix N, made any errors, or if you feel someone should be added to the Honorable Mentions column and please tell me why they should be added.

Appendix N

January 3: J.R.R Tolkien (1892/D: September 2, 1973)

January 17: John Bellairs (1938/D: March 8, 1991)

January 20: A. Merritt (1884/D: August 21, 1943)

January 22: Robert E. Howard (1906/D: June 11, 1936)

January 26: Philip Jose Farmer (1918/D: February 25, 2009)

Honorable Mentions

January 2: Isaac Asimov (1920/D: April 6, 1992; Author of Foundation and many other books)

January 5: George Reeves (1914/D: June 16, 1959; "Superman" of the 1950's)

January 6: Rowan Atkinson (1955; Star of Black Adder)

January 12: Jack London (1876/D: November 16, 1922; his adventure stories birthed the pulps)

January 13: Clark Ashton Smith (1893/D: August 14, 1961; one of the great pulp writers)

January 13: Orlando Bloom (1977; He played Legolas)

January 16: John Carpenter (1948; he gave us Halloween and several cool movies)

January 17: James Earl Jones (1931; Darth Vader)

January 19: Edgar Allen Poe (1809/D: October 7, 1849; without him, no HPL)

January 20: David Lynch (1946; Directed 1984's Dune)

January 20: Deforest Kelley (1920/D: June 11, 1999; Star Trek's "Bones")

January 22: Bill Bixby (1934/D: November 21, 1993; My Favorite Martian and the Hulk)

January 27: Lewis Carroll (1832/D: January 14, 1898; Wonderland)

January 28: Elijah Wood (1981; played Frodo)

January 30: Christian Bale (1974; Thus far, the best big screen Batman)

January 30: Gene Hackman (1930; the Lex Luthor to Christopher Reeve's Superman)

January 31: Zane Grey (1872/D: October 23, 1939; his adventure stories spawned the pulps)

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