Friday, January 14, 2011

Warlord of Mars - Dynamite Comics

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been excited about my favorite things being adapted to comics. I read Marvel Comics Star Wars, but what I always looked forward to were the movies being serialized in comic format. As a geek, comic books are my first love, followed closely by great science fiction (at least great by my standards), and last comes role playing games and board games (both forms of gaming are neck and neck for me). So to have one of my favorite science fiction tales be adapted to comic book format, and done so well, is fabulous for me.

I have not, as of yet, gotten my hands on the Dark Horse reprints of Marvel Comics 1970's adaption of Burroughs John Carter tales, but I will soon. I get free Amazon bucks from my company corporate card, so I'm waiting for enough points to build to grab some from swag.

Dynamite's series is written by Arvid Nelson, best known for his work on Dark Horse Comic's Rex Mundi. and illustrated by Stephen Sadowski, who has done work for Malibu, DC, Dark Horse and Marvel. Each issue features four different covers.

Thus far, the series is an adaption of A Princess of Mars; however, a few liberties are taken with John Carter's adventures out west on earth. Issues 1 and 2 begin with Captain John Carter on earth trying to make his living by searching for gold. This is after the end of the Civil War. Nothing is changed in that regards. Dynamite did not choose to modernize the tale as was done with the direct to video movie of Princess of Mars. The two issues are split evenly between that tale and a new tale of how Tars Tarkas gained his second name.

Not everyone will be pleased with Dynamite's adaption. I've all ready read some complaints on forums and a few negative reviews, but thus far, after reading issues 1 to 3, I am enjoying them and I believe you might too. It doesn't hurt that issue one is only $1. I picked up issues 2 and 3 from my local comic shop at cover price.

Issue 3 has John Carter arriving on Barsoom, and there begins a more traditional adaption of the story.

I have not yet had the pleasure of finding a copy of Dejah Thoris #1, but I post the cover here for your viewing pleasure. It is, in my not so humble opinion, a very flattering view.

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