Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Appendix N Birthdays: March

These are the people that started it all. Without their imaginations, this hobby that we all love may never have been. When applicable, the date of their death is provided. Each month also features "Honourable Mentions". This section is composed of people not listed on Appendix N, but geeky cool, and/or inspiring in some nerd fashion. It is also of course completely subjective and based upon my own opinion. Please notify me if I've missed anyone from Appendix N, made any errors, or if you feel someone should be added to the Honourable Mentions column and please tell me why they should be added.

There is a third column: "Hot Geek Crush of the Month", in which I choose a lovely lady to honor that has some geek cred. Necessary you ask? No, but it is another excuse for me to post pictures of lovely women.

Appendix N:
There are no births for the month of March from those authors listed on the Appendix N list; however, I would be remiss if I did not mention the deaths of two great men that much lore of fantasy gamings is owed: Edgar Rice Burroughs passed March 19, 1950 and Gary Gygax himself died March 4, 2008. RIP.

Honorable Mentions:
March 1: Dirk Benedict (B: 1945; the original Starbuck)
March 3: James Doohan (B: 1920/D: July 20, 2005; Scotty of Star Trek)
March 5: Jake Llyod (B: 1989; painful, but Anakin Skywalker Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
March 5: Dean Stockwell (B: 1936; Al of Quantom Leap and many other roles)
March 11: Douglas Adams (B: 1952/D: May 11, 2001; The Hitchhiker's Guide novels and others)
March 13: L. Ron Hubbard (B: 1911/D: January 24, 1986; SF author and Scientology founder)
March 22: William Shattner (B: 1931; Captain James T. Kirk USS Enterprise)
March 26: Leonard Nimoy (B: 1931; Spock, this is a big month for Star Trek births)
March 29: Lucy Lawless (B: 1968; Xena and Spartacus: Blood and Sand)
March 31: Ewan McGregor (B: 1971; Obi-Wan of those other so called Star Wars movies)

Hot Geek Crush of the Month:
This was a hard choice to make, but I just spent the better part of the weekend watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, from which I must say WOW-ZA!

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