Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GRRM's "A Dance with Dragons" -- Do I Care?

GRRM has finally finished the fifth tome in his "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The release date is July 12, 2011 and this time, he promises he isn't just making shit up. I had lots of enthusiasm for this series during the first three books, but after waiting too long for book four (five years) and finding the fourth volume lacking, my inertia for the series waned. For those not familiar, Martin's books really cooked all the way to the end of book three. Book four moved away from the main characters and took the story no-where (shades of Robert Jordan). Martin followed this sucker-punch to his fans by first promising a fast turn around between books four and five, but ultimately he made us wait six more years. That makes a total of eleven years without the story moving forward.

I resisted reading George Martin's "Ice and Fire" books. Years before, I was talked into Robert Jordan's Rand Land books a go (The Wheel of Time). I gave up after five books in total despair and cursed the terminology "Epic Fantasy". The only reason I ever picked up A Game of Thrones by GRRM, was I was deployed in the Middle East (this was shortly after the events of 9/11) and couldn't afford to be picky about my reading materials, due to the fact that they were in short supply. I picked up AGoT, only because it was long and was a fantasy novel. I enjoyed it so much, I begged my wife to purchase and mail me a copy of book two, A Clash of Kings. I ripped through both volumes while deployed. When I returned stateside, I bought a copy of A Storm of Swords. Finishing that in mid-2002, I waited three more years for book four A Feast for Crows, for which I all ready stated my disappointment.

One of my long time players is a fan of the series, I talked him into reading it. He plans on buying his copy of Dance on publication date, and has even recently re-read the first four books. I'm not so sure I will.

I am leaning towards waiting for a few reasons. The foremost is, I wish to express my anger with Martin for leading his fans on for eleven years. I plan on doing so by not purchasing his book in hard cover. I may wait for the paperback, but I prefer to wait until I find a copy in a used book store. I don't want one penny of my money to go to GRRM.

Fuck him.

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