Monday, March 21, 2011


Tim over at Gothridge Manor made a quick post today entitled "The Way I Play". He mentioned how he enjoys the sound of dice. Yes. I too enjoy the rattle of dice. One of the reasons I always find myself eventually returning to D&D, or one of its clones, is I love all the different shapes of die; however, I really dig the d20.

I have a favorite d20. I'd post a picture of it, but I am out of town and my dice are 300 miles to the North. It is white with black numbers. The corners are slightly rounded. It rolls really well, typically high. If there were a game in Vegas that involved the d20, I would take it, my toothbrush, about $200, and return with 10 times the cash.

It even has a nickname: The PC Killer +20. My players have considered making it disappear on me. I hope they never do. I love that die.

I don't allow virtual dice rollers at my table. No Sir. Real dice only.

I really wish I was in town to game tomorrow evening.


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