Saturday, March 5, 2011

Groo versus Conan, Thomas Yeats, New ERB Book

Yes. It is true. A Groo/Conan comic is in the mix. I read about this news on one of my favorite Conan related blogs Crom! here. I direct you there for more information, not to mention, if you dig Conan, like I dig Conan, you will enjoy the blog.

I would also direct you to Thomas Yeat's website here. While Sergio Aragones is drawing Groo, Yeats is drawing Conan. At his site, link above, sample pages can be found.

When visiting Yeat's site, I would direct your attention to the fact that he has advertised there an upcoming project that Edgar Rice Burrough's fans will find exciting: an adaption of The Outlaw of Torn titled The Outlaw Prince. More details found here.

This puts me in a good mood, a new Conan comic featuring my favorite Conan parody in Groo, plus a new ERB project.

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